1/181 Celebi & Venusaur GX - Ultra Rare - Team Up (TEU)

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1/181 Celebi & Venusaur GX - Team Up (TEU)

This grass type bad-boy is an absolute tank with 270 HP!  Don't just think of it as a card for milling/stall decks though, it has 3 versatile attacks that make it a viable option for an attacking deck as well.  The best of both worlds!

It pairs beautifully with Shaymin from Lost Thunder and the Life Forest Prism Star stadium card which both see this beast of a Pokemon healing huge amounts of damage over the course of a battle. 

For those who want to go further you could use Gardenia to heal even more damage or even the previously laughable Potion where 30 HP makes all the difference.

To top everything off the Evergreen GX attack inflicts a formidable 180 damage while healing all damage already on your active Pokemon. Plus you have the option of attaching an extra energy above the attack cost to shuffle your entire discard pile back into your deck.  A milling deck dream getting you back all of your Hammers, Plumeria and other disruptive cards.