140/147 Gardevoir GX - Full Art Ultra Rare - Burning Shadows (BUS)

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140/147 Gardevoir GX - Full Art Ultra Rare - Burning Shadows (BUS)

While Gardevoir GX has had a fairly quiet time in the past year or so it may soon return to the heights that saw it win the World Championship in the hands of Diego Cassiraga in 2017.

With some solid fairy support including the Fairy Charm Lightning and Fairy Charm Ability tool cards that are coming in the imminent Unbroken Bonds set. When attached to your Fairy Type Pokemon these new Tool cards prevent all damage from the attacks of EX and GX Pokemon that are Lightning Type or have an Ability respectively.

Possibly the most exciting boost, pardon the pun, is the introduction of Triple Boost Energy which allows you to attach 3 more energy in a single turn boosting Gardevoir's Infinite Force attack by 90!  Pair this with the Secret Spring ability to attatch a fairy energy from hand and the massive energy counts being racked up by Tag Team GXs and this card could well be at the top again.