Jirachi Hunt - 108 Pack Team Up Break - 9 Spots

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One off break out of the blue! Jirachi Hunt?!

8pm tonight (Friday 5th July 2019)

Live on FB on the Card Pro Pokemon FB page.

108 packs of Team Up

9 Spots draft system, rotates on holo rare or better hit including $5 or better rev hit.  Multiple option to participate:

$55.55 a spot including postage (you keep everything including codes)

$52.22 (you keep everything except codes)

$44.44 Ultras + Jirachi or Zapdos only (no bulk or codes)

-$3 if postage not required (local pickup)

$55.55 will be charged at time of purchase with refund of discounts once you choose your options  (e.g. -$3 if postage not required, -$3 if codes not required - limited spaces means they can’t all be offfered as the number of spots for each option isn’t yet known).