**PREORDER** Rayquaza GX Battle Arena Deck - Estimated Dispatch by 8th November

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**PREORDER** - Estimated Dispatch by 8th November

**This box is eligible for the Lite Shipping option.  Details below.

An absolute bargain, this deck is full of useful staple cards that can be used to build many decks and a healthy dose of foil cards including 6 energies and 2 Rayquaza GX!

***LITE SHIPPING OPTION*** the box will be opened and only the cards valued at over 50c TNT will be shipped for $2 (this will mean you get everything worthwhile from the deck and don't have to pay to ship the large box or useless bulk).  This option means you get:

2 x Rayquaza GX

1 x Tapu Koko Prism Star

3 x Magnezone (attach energy from hand ability)

2 x Zebstrika ('Sprint' ability to discard hand and draw 4 cards)

2 x Zapdos (Thunderous Assualt)

2 x Acro Bike

2 x Cynthia

Energy Spinner

2 x Erika's Hospitality

2 x Lillie

3 x Pokemon Communication

2 x Rare Candy

3 x Switch

2 x Tate and Liza

2 x Volkner

6 x Foil Lightning Energy